Jul 24, 2011

Opera Mobile Secret Codes and Tricks

These days when buying a phone, the permission access to the Internet via Wi-Fi networks, is increasingly a requirement demanded by buyers. Despite the speed of the mobile Internet to be lower than that of a computer, surfing the Internet with mobile continues to grow, this is also due to the simple fact that due to mobile they can always be updated anytime and anywhere. Therefore we ought to know the alternatives to Internet browsers that can help us.

Mobile Internet Browser Opera:

In this article I present you two of the most complete browser for mobile phones / smartphones, Opera Mobile and Opera Mini. They lead the browser level users, especially in the Symbian world. This is due to its elegant design and its compatibility with most Internet sites.

Differences between Opera Mini and Opera Mobile:

For users of these browsers surely have questioned the differences between Opera Mini and Opera Mobile, if you do not know I spend explaining some of the differences between these two browsers. The differences consist primarily in reducing the use of RAM cell phone and also on the graphics.
Opera Mini is designed with the objective to be used with phones with fewer features, for example mobile phones with less RAM and this version uses the servers, which operates to compress the most of the websites, making them lighter.
What makes these browsers stand out from the other face is that they have the speed dial. This feature allows you to have your favorite sites on the first page when you open the browser. But the possibilities do not stop there, these browsers also have tabs, facilitated a sharing button, a window for the transfer.

Secret Codes of Opera:

  • config: , opera:config
To access menu Power-User setting
  • opera:about
To see some information about opera
  • opera:blank
To see a blank page
  • opera:cache
To seeing all item on cache
  • server:reset
To delete all cookies
  • myopera:async
To synchronous ur bookmark to Opera Mini
  • myopera:login
To login to Opera Mini synchronize
  • myopera:logout
To logout from Opera Mini synchronize
  • myopera:signup
To signUp to Opera Mini synchronize
  • myopera:term
To see ToS from Opera Mini sinkronisasi
  • myopera:///b
To go to session "More Bookmark"
  • myopera:///n
To go to note syncronization service
  • myopera:///n/af
To create new folder to note syncronization service
  • myopera:///n/an
To create note to syncronization service
  • debug: or server:version
To See Opera Mini version, and some information about OperaMini server which its used

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