Sep 29, 2011

Nokia Photo Browser 0.09 (5) - Photo Viewer

Nokia Photo Browser is an experimental picture that makes you view your pictures quickly and fun in a totally new environment, forget the traditional view photos with this application you will be amazed at the effect on time search and view your photos.

Sep 26, 2011

Symbian Belle Compatible with Opera Mobile 11.10.1774 and Opera Mini 6.1.26266

The new version of Opera browsers (loved by many readers) was released on 23 September. So It means that you the Symbian Belle Users! can easily download the Opera Browsers from your mobile browser or from your PC.

Nokia N9 Supports Apple Finns Micro

Of all the stories that have gone out of N9, this is the first that I did not like.
Look at this video posted by Nokia Australia. He said the Nokia N9 is the first device manufacturer to adopt the standard Finns Micro Yes marketed by Apple.
To see Video Click Below

Sep 22, 2011

Peter Skillman - Nokia N9 and Swipe Interface

In the video below Peter Skillman, vice president responsible for the interface of Nokia phones, has discussed a bit about the swipe gesture and the home screens of the device N9.

Note: Do not confuse. Swype is the name of the product created by a sliding keyboard and the this will also be present in N9. Since the command interface are called N9 Swipe.
To See Video Click Below

The Nokia Ovi Maps team says 'Thank You'

Nokia released the video taken with the heads of Nokia Maps, as a thank you to all users who participated in the various beta releases. They thanks the users who gave them the 13600 Lines of feed Back. The 656974 Peoples participate in Nokia Maps trails from 111 countries. It is really a tremendous feedback.
To see Video Click Below

Sep 20, 2011

Nokia 100 and Nokia 101: Dual sim and Low Budgeted mobile phone,

After the announcement of the first Symbian OS with Belle, Nokia unveils two new terminals of the Series 30: Nokia 101 and Nokia 100, presented as economic terminals. The Nokia 101 has features dual -SIM Display 1.8-inch color TFT with a resolution of 160 x 128 pixels, dual-band GSM connectivity, MP3 player, 3.5mm audio jack, FM radio and support for microSD. The Battery timing of 25 days on standby for the Nokia 101.

Nokia 101

First image of the Nokia 703 [Sea Ray} with Windows 7 Phone

The paradox of smartphones is that you can not hide a new model to avoid the appearance of a previous model ready to photograph it and reveal its identity to the world. Perhaps the good intentions of Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, did not provide for the capture of the image of the Nokia 703.

Microsoft and Nokia with Symbian Fine productivity, with new business applications

Nokia and Microsoft are now joined in a bond that is destined to be always stronger in the future. At a distance of several years after the first rumors of a possible rapprochement of the two companies (always denied by the top management of the respective companies), they spoke again - this time in an official-in productivity applications branded Microsoft .

HD Games Package for Symbian ^ 3 (Nokia N8, E6 , E7, C7, C6-01, X7 and more)

After a long time I am going to post some fantastic HD games for Symbian ^ 3 Platform. Sometime I heard in my surrounding that now Nokia or Symbian Platform is dead But I always give same answer that it is not dead. It is alive as always before. Here I am going to give the proof in the form of these wonderful games in HD running in the same way an IOS iPhone or an Android. The Games Are: Assassins Creed - Altair Chronicles HD, Tom Clancy's HAWX HD, Spider Man Mayhen HD, Avatar Total HD.

Nokia 900 Windows Phone: First appearance via remote connection

If you have lost hope of seeing a Nokia Windows Phone, at least one access of its existence, today is your day: the Nokia 900 has made ​​its first appearance, thanks to the discovery of a developer. Putting hands through Bluetooth connections via Remote Access Device, the programmer has gained remote access to the Nokia N9 and other Bluetooth devices including appearing on " Nokia 900 Windows Phone ".

Nokia 900/Hydra Dual Core is the First Windows Mobile?

There's a rumor in Symbian community that Nokia 900/Hydra Dual Core may be a first smartphone from Nokia company with Windows 7. An image below shows little about technical specification of the mobile phone. But remember this that Nokia not officially announced this mobile in the market. But it is confirmed they are very close to bring windows mobile in market (First in China). 
Click On image to Enlarge it

Sep 18, 2011

Common Error Messages - When installing applications, games and themes

Here I am going to discuss about most common error messages. What are the reason of these common error messages and also give brief description about their solutions.

Sep 17, 2011

X-plore v1.53 Cracked Anna Icon for Symbian^3 ( Nokia N8,C6-01,E7,E6,X7,C7) - S60V3 - S60V5 + 9 Language

X-plore is a superb software which is used from a long time on Symbian platform. It is a best application. I think every Symbian mobile holder have this application in his Mobile cell.

How to change Font in Symbian Anna - Tip and Trick

The guide to change fonts on Symbian Anna is a little different from that of the Symbian ^ 3 because the default has as many as 8 different types of fonts. So it means that you have to change eight different font.

RamInfo upgraded to v1.3

RamInfo is a useful widget to check the RAM usage. This application is  upgraded from v1.0 to v1.3.
The changelog of this version is as follows:

Sep 14, 2011

Listen and Download Nokia 2011 Tune

I decided to share this new version of Nokia tune with you. If you like, put as default ringtone. Listen!

Stephen Elop interviewed in China ( talked about Nokia Windows Phone Q4 2011

Stephen Elop granted this interview in China. In the video (in English subtitled in Chinese), Big Boss talks about Nokia's strategy to launch the Windows Phone, which has its beginning in 2011 also will be released gradually and country to country agreements together with strong local carriers.

Nokia N9 is officially launched in Malaysia

Check out the announcement and a little more about the device that was officially launched on 13 September in Malaysia.
you can play something more with this device and any interface based on Swype is simply amazing.

Official TV advertise of Nokia N9 - Short 30sec clip

The N9 is coming and somewhere in the world, Nokia has prepared a video that appears to be a TV commercial the first smartphone with MeeGo.

Sep 13, 2011

Latest fMobi v1.4.0 - New version improves fMobi upload photos and application interface

Version 1.4.0 of fMobi is now available in market. This is the best application to use Facebook on mobile cell. Unfortunately this version is not free ;-). It is available on OVI Store in 3.99 $. Check out the change log of fMobi version 1.40 below image:

Sep 10, 2011

Tip & Tutorial - Image Editor of the Nokia S60v5 and S ^ 3 (N8,C6-01,E7,E6,X7,C7)

Image Editor of Nokia S60v5

Image Editor is one of the features of Nokia S60v5 (i.e. 5530, 5800, 5230, 5233, 5235, 5228, 5250, C6-00, C5-03, N97, N97 Mini, X6 ) about which not everyone knows. I explain this tutorial because through this image editor you can do many things with images. I personally think that it is superb to do work with it.
Note: The image editor of an Nokia S ^ 3 (N8, E7, C7, C6-01) is also works same as Nokia S60v5.

Sep 9, 2011

How to Solve Expired Certificate Errors in Symbian^3( Nokia N8,C6-01,E7,E6,X7,C7)-S60V3-S60V5

Expired Certificate errors are very common in mobile devices. These errors are found when the certificate is expired of the applications. Many people are not known about the solution of expired certificate or even about it means. Actually Certificate Error and Expired Certificate Error are two different problems. If you have Expired Certificate Error then you are on the right article. If you have the Certificate Error then you have to move on This Article.

Sep 8, 2011

How to Solve Certificate Errors in Symbian^3( Nokia N8,C6-01,E7,E6,X7,C7)-S60V3-S60V5

There are many users who have Certificate Errors on Symbian^3( Nokia N8,C6-01,E7,E6,X7,C7)-S60V3-S60V5 mobile devices. Now it is very easy to solve this Certificate Error in these sets. Actually Certificate Error and Expired Certificate Error are two different problems. If you have Certificate Error then you are on the right article. If you have the Expired Certificate Error then you have to move on This Article.

Free PAC - MAN Championship Edition for Download

This is a classic mobile game. A lot of people enjoying this game. The basic theme of this game is to save your PAC-MAN from ghost and score more and more. Try to complete more stages as you can to increase your total score. Hope you will like this PAC-MAN Championship Edition.

Sep 6, 2011

Nokia announces major update of the N8 Camera

Nokia announced a major upgrade to the camera of the Nokia N8. Today Nokia N8 has one of the best camera available in the mobile device markets. Now it has some camera updates. 

Nokia Tune Remake - Compose Nokia next Ringtone. You can do this?

Nokia is launching a global crowd sourcing campaign to find the next version of the Nokia Tune. Nokia is going to make its new Nokia Official Ringtone. Interesting thing is that you can also contribute in this Nokia official tune Remake Contest. The thing you have to do is only Register here and submit your composition to Audio Drafts.The winning tune will made available in a selection of the company’s 2012 product portfolio.

Nokia Tips - Caring for the environment

To celebrate the spring equinox, the Nokia makes you some tips which are environment friendly. These tips helps to make you a energy saver to survive in the life.

Tips for using your mobile device with greater energy efficiency

Sep 1, 2011

Nokia Essence Stereo Headset and Nokia 360 Speakers that uses NFC to pair with Bluetooth -Tutorial

Nokia announced Nokia Essence Stereo Headset Which support NFC (Near Field Communications). For Features and Specifications of this Nokia Essence Stereo Headset you have to visit my previous post.

Hands-on with the Nokia Essence NFC Bluetooth Headset

Here in this video a Nokia girl explain the way to use the Nokia Essence Stereo Headset with NFC. She used Bluetooth to pair with Nokia 360 NFC Speakers and Nokia headset. Here is the video.

Hands-on with the Nokia Essence NFC Bluetooth Headset

Nokia brings the powerful Nokia Essence Bluetooth Headset, NFC supported  which incidentally are also compatible with NFC. These powerful earphones come to give us great comfort and give impressive sound quality and with the characteristic noise cancellation. Great sound in a small size is something we all want. I show the characteristics of Nokia Essence Bluetooth Headset Below:
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