Feb 21, 2012

Smartphones NFC replace the keys of hotel rooms in Europe

Some years ago the NFC has been discussed in the market, but the fact is that only now she has gained strength with real cases. This is due to the recent launches of smartphones embedded with NFC technology.
Nokia is a pioneer in this segment. In 2008, long before they speak in Symbian Anna, worked on designing a payment method involving NFC, and this time I had contact with a low-end phone (S40), where the manufacturer has filandesa took its first steps with the technology.

Application of the Social Media Week for Symbian and MeeGo

This week begins the Social Media Week. Held in 12 cities around the world and Sao Paulo is among them.
Nokia for another year is the official sponsor of the event which will discuss topics such as: coporativo use Twitter and Facebook for campaigns and measuring results. The use of geolocation is also on the agenda.

Nokia registers the name Pureview - Is a new service, accessory or the successor of the N8?

The information came through the site Gadgets Nokia and I have to agree with them. The name recalls something about the camera.
Possibly this is the commercial name of the Successor to the N8 . Does anyone have any other guesses?
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