Aug 10, 2011

How To Sign, Unsigned Files/Applications on PC(Computer)-S60 3rd/5th-tutorial-100%working

How to sign your Unsigned files/Applications using your PC:

This post helps you very much to understand the method to sign your unsigned applications. First of all you need certificate for your mobile device then you can sign your files using this method. you want to download first your mobile certificate first then follow this post first.

How can I get Certificate for my Mobile Device

PC Signing:

Step 1: After getting your cer and key files you have to follow these steps to sign your unsigned files.
First you have to download SignSIS form the link bellow. Use any one of them.
(Copy one of the above link in your browser to download)
Step 2: After downloading open this Zip file to extract. 
Note: When opening the file in the folder. Many anti-virus, found this Exe file as malicious object. It is a common warning for unknown files, This Exe file is one of the most used files for signing and has no viruses in it. So don't worry about this.
Step 3: If you have any antivirus installed on your computer then you need to disable this antivirus to run the file. Believe me this file is not harmful for your computer.
Step 4: Open the "SignSIS" file from the extract folder. As shown below.
Step 5: Here you see some that it has some fields to "fill", As I highlighted in the image above. Fill these fields with the required files.
  • "SiS file" is a targeted file which you want to sign. To enter "SiS File" you have to click on the little button  "..." in front of it. Then give the path of the unsigned file.
  • To enter  "Cer  File" you have to click on the little button with "..." in front of it and places your .cer file (If you have no certificate file the apply for your certificate file here).
  • To enter "Key  File" you have to click on the little button with "..." in front of it and places your .key file (If you have no certificate file the apply for your certificate file here).
  • Just leave the field "Password for Key File" as I leave in the following image.
After filling the fields it looks like this.

Note:  When you target your unsigned file a new browser window will open. here you can change the file extension from .sis to .sisx / .sisx to .sis to search your required file. As shown in the following image.
Step 6: After all of this you have to click on the button "Sign the SiS". As shown below with a red box.
After Successfull signing you found a message "Certificate File Signing has been Successfully". As i found in the image below.
You want to Sign your applications/file through your mobile. Then click on the link below.

How to Sign your applications using your mobile device.

Note: If you have any Query about this post. Then please don't hesitate to ask question. I will try to helps you as I can. Use comments section for your Queries.
  • Facing Certificate error? To Find out its solution, please Click here
  • For signing applications with your Cert and Key on Computer/PC, please Click here
  • For signing applications with your Cert and Key on Mobile Device, please Click Here


jatin said...

thnks a lot :)

jatin said...

can you tell me for how long is the key and certificate valid?
are there some finite numbers of files i can sign using this key and software?
or it is unlimited usage of the key and software.

Arslan said...

the key and certificate valid upto 4 years.
and you can sign infinite number of files with key and software.....
Enjoy it...

Anonymous said...

will sighnsis work on .sisx files or just .sis

Anonymous said...

dude thanks

jingo bd said...

y0 y0... Thanks

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Hassain Baig said...

there are no keys in that software
after extracting
help me
my phone nokia 5233

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