Aug 17, 2011

Nokia drops Symbian Platform

In an interview with AllThingsD on August 10, President of Nokia, Chris Weber said in a statement that the company is discontinuing the platform "Symbian" in North America. Also according to Chris Weber, Nokia intends to turn its market more to the Microsoft OS, Windows 7 Phone.

Then, the company finally announced it will withdraw the Symbian as a platform officer, before beginning, they will launch the products with the Windows Phone 7. The forecast for the event is that it occurs later this year, starting from North America (which is its chief patron).
Certainly, this was one of the Nokia move to reoccupy the lead in the "war" by consumers of smartphone. It is likely that soon to be made campaigns for large-scale new product, to show the new investment company. The choice to leave aside the Symbian Phone in favor of Windows 7 will be a success, only the sales shows this later.

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