Aug 2, 2011

Nokia Adopts new Nomenclature for their Devices

Nokia decided the new nomenclature used in their phones. The company said in a post on his blog on Monday, 1st August 2011, that they will use only numbers in the names of the devices. The first model with the new system is a Smartphone named only “Nokia 500”
Nokia said. In addition, it was difficult for users to compare devices with the same numbers: for example, a C7 and X7. The letters should serve as indicators of Nokia Mobile cell.

Nokia’s product name conventions:

In the new system, the first number tells how advanced is the device. A model that starts with "9" is a high-end, while model that starts with "1" is the most affordable option. People easily understand the concept that The first number will identify the price / product target audience, where 1 is the most affordable  and 9 is the high end. The second two digits correspond to the model of the device. Thus, each track may have up to 99 models.

Reviews about Nokia Nomenclature:

According to Roberta Cozza, principal analyst at Gartner:
"The names as used by Samsung and HTC was a better option. Names like "HTC Sensation" are more easily remembered by the consumer. For example, The Samsung model Galaxy, has become a brand, which is increasingly important in a competitive market.
This is the second announcement about the change in nomenclature since she Nokia announced the Symbian operating system migration to Windows Phone 7. In May the company said it would stop using the name "Ovi" for services such as maps, which have since only be called Nokia Maps.

New Nokia Nomenclature starts with Nokia 500:

The new Nokia 500 has a suggested price of 150 Euros (excluding taxes) and will be available overseas until early October. He has a capacitive multitouch screen 3.2 inch, 1 GHz processor and a 5 megapixel camera.
The device is based on Symbian Anna, an updated version of Symbian OS ^ 3 that brings a revamped interface and an improved browser.

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