Aug 17, 2011

10 Interesting things about the QWERTY keyboard

Some people do not know what is the QWERTY keyboard. But the truth is that this accessory has become very useful in our lives. Whether to send an SMS message, an email reply or post a tweet, the keyboard is the primary tool of interaction you have in your phone, computer and similar devices. In mobile phones, is increasingly rare to find models with the traditional alphanumeric keypad. After all, smart phones are more popular, is not it? Even in devices with touchscreens prefer the virtual QWERTY to write faster ...

So, as a kind of tribute, share with you some interesting information about this keyboard that goes dominating our devices.

  1. The keyboard known as "QWERTY" is the most used setting. It has 120 keys and is designed and patented by Christopher Sholes in 1868 before selling it to the Remington company;
  2. The name came from the order of the first six letters of the first row (QWERTY) keyboard.
  3. Before the design of Sholes, the letters were arranged alphabetically so, with the QWERTY keyboard and much easier way of writing;
  4. Of course, that Nokia has pioneered in 1996 and launched the Nokia 9000, the first mobile device with QWERTY physical keyboard;
  5. Although the original QWERTY keyboard was designed by Sholes, thinking in English when the pattern began to be marketed internationally, it was necessary to adapt it to other languages, taking into account not only the different letters, but also the frequency of use of characters in each language.
  6. In turn, the German version is known as "QWERTZ". In this keyboard "Z" reverses the position of the letters "Y". In the French "AZERTY" are the first six letters;
  7. The more complicated case is undodly the keyboard for Asian languages. The sheer amount of characters that have Japanese and Chinese are impossible to be included in a single keyboard. One of the solutions was to keep the same alphabet and have software that interprets the combination of letters on the screen to show the possible characters that correspond to what is being keyboard;
  8. Since the Roman alphabet it is necessary to browse the internet (as is predominant in the HTML and URL paths). In the case of non-Roman languages, the most common is to have a phonetic translation of QWERTY, leaving the keys in they occupy the same place the letters in the original provision;
  9. Nokia has successful models with QWERTY keyboard such as Nokia E71, Nokia E63, Nokia N97. Newer models are Nokia Nokia E6 and E7;
  10. Another way to put text on virtual representations of QWERTY keyboards is what causes Swype. This application for touch screen devices come from a company created by Cliff Kushler and Randy Marsden. Cliff is the co-inventor of the T9 text system used in millions of phones worldwide.

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