Sep 17, 2011

How to change Font in Symbian Anna - Tip and Trick

The guide to change fonts on Symbian Anna is a little different from that of the Symbian ^ 3 because the default has as many as 8 different types of fonts. So it means that you have to change eight different font.

Here you are guided to change fonts on Symbian Anna:

  • First of all you have to create a folder on your PC desktop with  name "Fonts". Now Rename eight different fonts of extension ".ttf" with the name given below. 
Remember that any font cannot be rename more than four time.

Connect your phone to your PC via USB cable using the mass storage class.
Copy the folder on "E / Resource".
Restart your cell and you will find your fonts changed after restarting.
To change or remove the font. Each time you repeat the same process and delete the previous folder.
Note: If you have any Query about this post. Then please don't hesitate to ask question. I will try to help you as I can. Use comments section for your Queries.

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Neal said...

Worked like a charm... No need to use FontZoomer..

Thanks For This Useful Post...

One more thing I wanted to know about fonts...

The rendering of asian "marathi & hindi fonts" is very very good in "Opera mobile 11 with Asian Language Supported version"...

Could help me in getting the *.TTF files of those fonts used in Opera Mbile?

So that I can use them by above method to read asian language sms's on my Nokia N8. There are so many people looking for those fonts & it will be a great lifesaver for them by you...

Arslan said...

No it is not Possible yet. Hopefully i found this and tries to share.

Sameer said...

its not works on my Nokia 700
Please help me for Marathi and Hindi font
my mail id is

OsangIsHOT said...

i dont get the part where you rename 8 different fonts. Then it said, any font can not be renamed more than 4 times. Please be more brief, thanks much! I have a Nokia C6-01 updated to Symbian Anna software. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

i cannot find the e\resouce in my moblie e me out

Anonymous said...

please Help Me Frnds...
I want Marathi font for Nokia c6.

if is this possible then tell me Here...


Cannan Charity said...

Thanks for the amazing content on your blog I am very interested in this article and you have really helped me.
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