Sep 20, 2011

Microsoft and Nokia with Symbian Fine productivity, with new business applications

Nokia and Microsoft are now joined in a bond that is destined to be always stronger in the future. At a distance of several years after the first rumors of a possible rapprochement of the two companies (always denied by the top management of the respective companies), they spoke again - this time in an official-in productivity applications branded Microsoft .

In addition to the full and native support for Windows Phone , as it is today, Nokia introduced the new Office applications dedicated to the future terminals Symbian Fine . The intended application will be preinstalled on new terminals Belle and available as an upgrade for all the others who will make the transition from Symbian to Symbian Anna Belle and are as follows: Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Lync 2010 Mobile, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Document Connection Broadcast.
Going with Order:

  • Microsoft OneNote , already seen on the iPhone OS, is the digital notebook to take notes and sync them on SyDrive (a bit 'like Evernote)
  • Microsoft Lync 2010 Mobile is a new system, but instant messaging and VoIP web conferencing
  • Microsoft Connection Document viewer (not editor) of Office documents compatible with the SharePoint 2010
  • Microsoft PowerPoint broadcasters, s for streaming presentations directly from PC to smartphone

These apps are scheduled for the last quarter of the year and by 2012, for the first time, will also come to Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint optimized for Symbian with which you can edit documents. Many innovations, all business-oriented, very interesting for a mobile operating system that had been given up for dead and doomed. What do you think?
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