Sep 20, 2011

Nokia 900 Windows Phone: First appearance via remote connection

If you have lost hope of seeing a Nokia Windows Phone, at least one access of its existence, today is your day: the Nokia 900 has made ​​its first appearance, thanks to the discovery of a developer. Putting hands through Bluetooth connections via Remote Access Device, the programmer has gained remote access to the Nokia N9 and other Bluetooth devices including appearing on " Nokia 900 Windows Phone ".

Ok, this kind of discovery does not confirm anything at the moment: it is easy to change a name and get ad-hoc, if you wish, a Nokia iPhone 5. But the chances of someone anticipating a Nokia 900 games Windows Phone nonexistent are not many, it is more likely now that Nokia is preparing to present it.
We have nothing more than a name, Nokia 900, but at least we know for sure that things are moving. Someone speculates on the model, considering that the number 900 is synonymous with high-end terminal.
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