Jun 30, 2011

Introducing Nokia N8

The Nokia N8 is the first Symbian 3 mobile which is introduced in market. In a demo video detail for Nokia N8 are explained very brief. Nokia N8 captures spectacular images with superb camera features including high sensitive sensor . There are many fabulous features introduced in Nokia N8 cell. But the most interesting new features should include both the multi-touch support (the Symbian 3 brings with it) as well as the ability to take HD movies in 720p. High-definition movies can be recorded from Nokia N8. And results of HD movies can also be seen on big screen with crystal clear result. Now through HTMI feature you can use your Nokia N8 as home theatre device. With multiple home screen Nokia N8 is easy to use than ever. Ovi maps looks fantastic on 3.5” Nokia N8 screen. The Nokia N8 lods web pages faster than ever over 11n Wi-Fi. The flash support helps the user to view full web pages. Now you can also watch web TV on Nokia N8. Different global channels can be seen on Nokia N8. The 3d graphic capabilities of Nokia N8 take games to the next level. 

A Well-Known Problem in Symbians

The most annoying fault of the E71 device is a familiar problem of Symbians. We have pointed out this fault many times before and Nokia also clearly wants to change it. The problem is that in all the lists always called, the cell phone icon next to their names, even if the call from home or from the office was very confused and very disturbing. The built-in chat system, like all other Nokia's is a strange thing. It works with any major provider, the program is completely useless.
Unlike a Windows Mobile phone, the E71 is not able to automatically access data connections to known Wi-Fi networks. You constantly fumble around with the access points. The transflective display even in bright sunshine (keyword: convertible-navigation) is easy to read. It dissolves, however, only with 320 × 240 pixels, while a much smaller HTC Touch Diamond already offer 640 × 480 pixels.

Jun 25, 2011

N9 GUI (Graphical User Interface) A Closest Look

Screenshots of GUI of Nokia N9 designs would be very informative for all users of Nokia N9. Here are some screen shots that helps anyone to use N9, which I searched over the net.
First look at the screenshots of the slandered locked screen. There are two lock mechanisms. The one is to drop the lock icon in to the square in above the triangle.


N9 Market Price

One big question arises on the lips of many people who loves Nokia N9 is. "WHAT WOULD BE THE PRICE OF Nokia N9???". I have good news for them.
However the price of Nokia N9 is not final. But through a reliable source I heard that, Colin Giles, Nokia’s Executive VP of Sales,announced that The retail price of no Nokia N9 16GB will be 660USD while the price of 64GB will be 749USD.

N9 Availability in Market

There is now probably a list of countries where the Nokia N9 will be available at the time of its market launch.

N9 Powered by MeeGo

Nokia has unveiled its latest smart phone. The N9 is a pure touch screen device and is powered by the exotic Meego. N9 Will come out in the market in few weeks, the N9 price will be announced at a later date, Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop said during a company event in Singapore.
A special feature of the future Nokia smartphone is that it completely avoids buttons. It does not even have a home button, something like the iPhone from Apple. Instead, the measured 3.9 inches, touch-sensitive screen fills the whole unit, and the user can return to the main selection, by giving a finger on the touch screen only.


 The design of N9 is superb and magnificent. But there is one bad news which is that it is made up of plastic body. That breaks hearts of many steel body lovers. But a good thing is that this is made up of premium quality plastic (polycarbonate). So I think only few peoples mind on the plastic body. Nokia N9 is the first mobile cell which is running on MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan platform and it introduced after the the two years of Meego kind hand set.  The leap however couldn’t have been bigger.

Jun 24, 2011

Leak of Nokia N9 Android Prototype

Lots of people, included us, are quiet curious, what would happen if Nokia had gone for Android instead of WP7 as it is their main platform. This information is leaked by some responsible organization. I think it would be better for us that Nokia used android. If it would happen then competition will arises between different mobile companies, this competition will cause of decreasing the price of android base mobile phones. Then we have the chance to get a glimpse of that alternative universe of Android based mobile.
This information is given by introducing a prototype. The prototype resembles the recently announced N9 and the Nokia WP7 prototype that we saw before. It is running on a stock version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread, but judging by the size of those icons its resolution might be higher than WVGA.

Jun 20, 2011


Nokia officially announced the arrival of N8 in 549 USD. N8 is the first to receive the new OS Symbian3 which appreciably improves the multipoint tactile recognition and it multi-task, and makes it possible to create first personalized pages. The screen resolution is 640x360, a numerical camera 12 megapixels with optics Carl Zeiss, flash xenon, 16 GB of built-in memory (extensible to 32 GB by micro SD), Bluetooth connections and Wi-Fi.

E71 Features

Nokia has improved and added up some new features in E71. More importantly, safety aspects (VPN connections to the company, remote termination of a stolen device, encryption of phone and memory card) and new additional programs i.e. The Advanced Call Manager, which is available as a standalone program for other phones, can be "white" and "black" Manage contact lists or block calls without caller ID. Extensive dictionary with translation function are partly advises on board, and a predictive text Windows Mobile is introduced.

Jun 19, 2011

E71 has High Pace of Work

This great hardware is joined with a successful Software Symbian Series 60. It is running faster than ever, it is a joyful. It provides high pace of work in all areas, including the Internet browser. The features of the E71 is complete, there is nothing you would miss in this cell. Important features of E71 are Wireless LAN, Internet telephony, UMTS with HSDPA and GPS. It is first Nokia cell with a satellite receiver. So may be there are some GPS problem in it. It does not have the highest accuracy and sensitivity, but usually takes ten to 20 seconds in contact with the moon.

Nokia E71 Beats Market

Nokia E71 meets almost all requirements for a mobile PC. It has a generous feature. It is the major new release of the after the E90 Communicator, and it even beats him by a mile.
E71 introductory price is around 364$ and varies country to country. E71 is the device in the Blackberry format. The mini-keyboard below the display allows a fluent text entry (with some acrobatics, and if you do not have too much finger), although the E71 is much narrower and shallower than many of the previous E61 and Blackberry.

Jun 17, 2011

Nokia E63, The elder Brother of E71

Smart phones are becoming more important for everyday life, the reason being that more and more people want to look up while on the move in their social networks, Nokia wants the change, because it is so slow in the field of smart phones in competition with Apple, HTC and Blackberry. Which seem a bit better and faster than Nokia? Nokia offers E63 With the Nokia E71 which has ever given a highly acclaimed response, the E63 comes with an almost identical device that should lead to a competitive price on the market:
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