Jun 17, 2011

Nokia E63, The elder Brother of E71

Smart phones are becoming more important for everyday life, the reason being that more and more people want to look up while on the move in their social networks, Nokia wants the change, because it is so slow in the field of smart phones in competition with Apple, HTC and Blackberry. Which seem a bit better and faster than Nokia? Nokia offers E63 With the Nokia E71 which has ever given a highly acclaimed response, the E63 comes with an almost identical device that should lead to a competitive price on the market:

The E63 and E71 are very similar in functions. These are so similar that a question arises that how one can distinguishes E63 from its big brother, E71. It is easy to answer this question. The list of difference is short and given below:
- No camera for video telephony
- No GPS
- Plastic housing
- 2 MP Camera
In all the other things the E63 is identical to the E71.
For the record, what is in Nokia E71:
Phone: GSM quad band, EDGE, UMTS / li>
Screen: 2.36 (320 x 240 pixels)
Camera: 3.2 MP
Connectivity: Bluetooth, WLAN, GPS
Memory: up to 8 GB microSD

The E63 also has all the office functions that you need i.e. E-mail, browser and Nokia Quick office ( Excel, Word or PowerPoint) to edit documents. With the S60 3.1 interface which is built on Symbian 9.2, you can also get plenty of other programs and games for mobile phones. The Nokia browser also replaces some old browsers i.e. Opera Mini.
What's missing? One is the GPS receiver it is not much important but still some argument for the need for Nokia E71 are there.

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