Jun 19, 2011

Nokia E71 Beats Market

Nokia E71 meets almost all requirements for a mobile PC. It has a generous feature. It is the major new release of the after the E90 Communicator, and it even beats him by a mile.
E71 introductory price is around 364$ and varies country to country. E71 is the device in the Blackberry format. The mini-keyboard below the display allows a fluent text entry (with some acrobatics, and if you do not have too much finger), although the E71 is much narrower and shallower than many of the previous E61 and Blackberry.

At 5.7 × 11.4 × 1 cm and 127 grams, the E71 fits neatly in your pocket and thus meets the demands of a mobile equipment that is not the ballast (like the E90). Important features are given belo
Its design is encouraging and superb.
A metal enclosure protects the jewel
The back cover for the battery finally sits perfectly (unlike the E61).
Another plus is the four-way rocker, which serves as a cursor replacement. Now there is finally a control element with which it can be very satisfied.

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