Jun 30, 2011

A Well-Known Problem in Symbians

The most annoying fault of the E71 device is a familiar problem of Symbians. We have pointed out this fault many times before and Nokia also clearly wants to change it. The problem is that in all the lists always called, the cell phone icon next to their names, even if the call from home or from the office was very confused and very disturbing. The built-in chat system, like all other Nokia's is a strange thing. It works with any major provider, the program is completely useless.
Unlike a Windows Mobile phone, the E71 is not able to automatically access data connections to known Wi-Fi networks. You constantly fumble around with the access points. The transflective display even in bright sunshine (keyword: convertible-navigation) is easy to read. It dissolves, however, only with 320 × 240 pixels, while a much smaller HTC Touch Diamond already offer 640 × 480 pixels.

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