Jun 19, 2011

E71 has High Pace of Work

This great hardware is joined with a successful Software Symbian Series 60. It is running faster than ever, it is a joyful. It provides high pace of work in all areas, including the Internet browser. The features of the E71 is complete, there is nothing you would miss in this cell. Important features of E71 are Wireless LAN, Internet telephony, UMTS with HSDPA and GPS. It is first Nokia cell with a satellite receiver. So may be there are some GPS problem in it. It does not have the highest accuracy and sensitivity, but usually takes ten to 20 seconds in contact with the moon.

In conjunction with the built-in Nokia-road navigation (which you can try three months free of charge), the E71 can also be used in the car, but also as a signpost to the nearest pizza shop. With the Sports Tracker also free to draw on migration routes. And the Location Tagger provides the photos of the built-in digital camera with geographic coordinates. The recordings of the 3.2-megapixel lens (with light and auto focus) are only satisfactory. Too bad that here Nokia has not taken reasonable precautions. Automatic color correction Photoshop works wonders. Snapshots can be quick upload to Flicker or Nokia's Ovi service.

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