Jun 20, 2011

E71 Features

Nokia has improved and added up some new features in E71. More importantly, safety aspects (VPN connections to the company, remote termination of a stolen device, encryption of phone and memory card) and new additional programs i.e. The Advanced Call Manager, which is available as a standalone program for other phones, can be "white" and "black" Manage contact lists or block calls without caller ID. Extensive dictionary with translation function are partly advises on board, and a predictive text Windows Mobile is introduced.

Completely renovated the main screen with selectable elements has been displayed. Here you can see with new emails, missed calls or calendar entries. Now let’s configure a second home screen, it allows someone to more shortcuts to private functions such as cameras and music players. The switch (off/on), however, takes several seconds but all Multimedia takes by a Micro SD memory card (up to 8 gigabytes, 2 gigabytes supplied), which is in operation in a second.

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