Aug 13, 2011

Free Mobile Signer_Sign your Sis Applications from the device itself_Tutorial

Free Sis Signer for your Mobile:

It is a superb application. We can use this application to sign (what is signing) our unsigned applications/files with our mobile device without using computer signer. This application helps all of the users who are going to frustrate from the time taking process of signing applications from their PC. I said this process as time taking because when you download application from your mobile browser then there is no way other than this.

  • First shift this downloaded application to your computer (PC) to sign it. (How to sign from PC)
  • Then shift this sign application again to your mobile device to install.
What you think this is not a time taking process????
I know that many of you don’t try this because they think that they have no need for this. But believe me that it is very useful for you. Hope you will enjoy this tutorial. ;-)

Bugs Fixed in free mobile Sis Signer:

This version of free mobile signer is released after fixes some bugs. In old version there are some problems. This new updated version is released after fixing those problems. If you are old user of mobile signer then you found many helpful changes in it.

How to start with free Mobile Signer:

Download link:
Step 1: First you have to sign this software from your PC signer to make it compatible for your mobile device (You want to know about PC Signing? For PC signing you need your mobile certificate files first. You want to get Certificate for your mobile device?).
Step 2: After signing the application shift this sign application and your key and certificate file (OPDA Certificate) to your mobile device through USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and install it.

Step 3: Open the application from your "Installations". And go to the options for "Settings". As shown in the image below.

Step 4: Fill the blank fields of “Sign Cert” and "Sign Key” with your Certificate and Key file respectively.
Step 5: I recommends you to select your “Output Directory” as “Custom”. Then browse for the “Custom Directory” as I browse the destination “E:\Documents\”. It means that files after signing saved in to the folder ”Documents” in the “E" folder/directory (memory card in my case) . Settings are almost complete and now you have to come out from the settings menu. A snapshot is given below.
Note: These settings are required only one time in this version. But in old version these settings are required every time when you need to sign the applications.
Step 6: Come to the main menu. Here you have to click on “Add Task”. Here you browse the file to sign. Found the unsigned file to sign and come into the “Options”. Here a new small menu “Select an operation” will open. Select the ”Sign Sis” option here. When you done all of this then you see a task has been added to your main screen. 
Note: You can add multiple tasks with this same method.

Step 7: After adding the required tasks, come into the “Options”. And select the option “Go!”. In few second your task will complete and you are able to install applications on your mobile.
Hope this tutorial helps you very much to understand the signing of applications. I am going to add also a video tutorial for you so that you can understand this tutorial easily.

You can convert also your signed applications/files into unsigned applications/files with this application.

Note: If you have any Query about this post. Then please don't hesitate to ask question. I will try to helps you as I can. Use comments section for your Queries.
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Shivam Kumar said...

when i sign a application with freesigner , it says '' Errors Found in Operation . Logs are write to c/data/freesigner/freesigner.log '' so i'm unable to sign application .. Please help.....

Anonymous said...

Use 'self sign' option instead of 'sign sis.' Hope it works cuz it works fine with my device.

Guzzi sager said...

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Rick Thompson said...

I really hate web pages like this cause links they are giving are not working!!!! Luckily, I did some searching and FINALLY found the working and true file that you have been looking for! I'm in a great mood now so might as well share this to you.



That's the direct link for the file. Have a great day!

Kapil Sharma said...

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jhone taker said...

Overly admirable idea.
Nice work thanks
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Engaging. It keeps your mind occupied while you wait.
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shamshad ali said...

my nokia n8 app certificate expire please give me eassy salotion

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