Aug 21, 2011

Special Mobile Applications for Parents First-time

Today I am going to discuss about some amazing applications that can help moms and dads in this difficult task is to keep a child fed, quite clean, healthy and happy? Of-course no app replaces the love of parents, but they are very helpful in many situations. Take a look:

Baby Feed - Making everyday task

This app works like a smart schedule. You can track up to 10 (!) Babies and customize each account with a small photo. You can record the weight and height, get a reminder when it's time to take a medication or changing diapers - and when you perform a task, you can even tell your partner via SMS! Very useful, no?

White noise - To help the baby to sleep

We live in noisy cities. Horns, sirens, neighbors are the examples. Babies already wake up many, many times during the night The White Noise is an application that plays soothing sounds and relaxing, as light drizzle, ocean waves ... and a timer can also be configured to pause the sound from time to time. Even those who do not have children feel comfortable to use, is not it?

CameraPro N8 - To record the unforgettable moments

Who is not dying to get so many pictures of babies? The problem is that these pictures are often made at home, with less than ideal lighting conditions, and the kids are moving all the time. The CameraPro is able to automatically adjust the ISO and has antishake, for example, that corrects shaky pictures. And the latest version comes with applications on Facebook, Flickr and Picasa, which makes it easy to share photos.

Fruit Ninja Lite - Older children having fun ...

Who has more than one child then knows the drama that is to keep the older child as it is necessary to change the diaper of the youngest. How about teaching her to play some Ninja Fruit? The game is easy to learn and can be of great help in these moments - and you can even organize competitions with her cub.
We hope to have helped at least a little on the difficult task of raising a child. ;)
Note: If you have any Query about this post. Then please don't hesitate to ask question. I will try to helps you as I can. Use comments section for your Queries.
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