Aug 17, 2011

Google Sync-Mail for Exchange Setup/Configuration-E-mail and Contacts Synchronization-Tutorial

Introduction to Mail for Exchange

Mail for Exchange is the Application which helps you to connect you and your computer through internet. It Synchronize updates and information on your mobile device, such as e-mail and contacts with your account information in the Mail for Exchange.
There are two phases to set up Mail for Exchange for its first use:
  • Install and start Mail for Exchange on your mobile device.
  • Create a synchronization profile that controls what and when you synchronize.

Needs to use Mail for Exchange

You need the following information to access Mail for Exchange:
  • The domain name of your e-mail (required for use of Self-Discovery)
  • The Exchange server name
  • Your username and password (this is usually your username and password on the network/ Mailing address)
  • Details on the mobile access point of your wireless carrier.
  • Mail for Exchange can use the Autodiscover to find some of this information, you need the domain name to the Autodiscovery function.

Use Mail for Exchange for Google Sync

    We can use mail for exchange for Google Synchronize. Here is the video to understand the miricale of Google Sync.

    Setup Instruction of Mail for Exchange

    Through mail for exchange you synchronize your mail in your in box, your mobile contacts, your calender, your tasks etc.
    Here I am going to help you how you can setup your Mail for Exchange account for your mailing address. I made this tutorial for my Google mailing address. Step by step instructions are here.
    First you have to download the Mail for Exchange for this process to complete.
    How to download MfE.
    Step 1: Launch Mail for Exchange from your mobile device. If you are starting for the very first time then you have a notification for creating new profile. Click on "Yes" to continue.
    Step 2: A new screen will open. Click "Cancel" on the right side to continue.

    Step 3: A new Setting window will open. Here you configure your "Connection" first.
    Step 4: After opening of "Connection" setting give the following details.

    • Exchange Server:
    • Secure Connection: Yes
    • Access Point: Your carrier's Internet access point
    • Sync while roaming: Your preferred setting
    • Use default port: Yes

    Step 5: Now open "Credentials" settings and fill the fields for the following.

    • Username: Your Google email address
    • Password: Your mailing account password
    • Domain: None

    Step 6: Now open "Sync schedule" for Synchronize settings. Now put your preferred settings here which you like.
    Step 7: Now chose "Calender" settings.
    • Synchronize Calendar: Enable or disable
    • Sync Calendar back: Your preference
    • Initial Sync: Decide if you want to keep existing Calendar events on your phone or replace them all with events synced from Google Calendar.

    Note: Synchronize Tasks currently not supported by Google Sync. So you have not to worry about this.
    Step 8: Come into the "Contacts" setting tab.
    • Synchronize Contacts: Enable or Disable
    • Initial Sync: Decide if you want to keep existing Contacts on your phone or replace them all with contacts synced from Google.

    Step 9: Now come in the "E-mail" setting tab for email settings.
    • Synchronize Email: Enable or Disable
    • E-mail address: Default based on profile
    • Show new mail popup: Yes/No
    • Use signature: Default to no
    • Signature: Use your signature if you enabled your "Signature".
    • When sending mail: By default: "Send immediately". Alternative is send at next sync only.
    • Sync messages back: (Default: 3 days; alternatives are 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, all messages)

    Step 10: Now select "Option" > "Save". After saving profile your synchronization will start automatically. Some snapshots below are shown the process. 

    This tutorial is also shown in the video to understand it completely. Here is the video.

    Note: If you have any Query about this post. Then please don't hesitate to ask question. I will try to helps you as I can. Use comments section for your Queries.
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    Mladen_M said...

    with my nokia x7 sym 3, i have no option 'no' at the step 1. what to do?

    Anonymous said...

    Your instructions were so clear, detailed and so incredibly helpful, I cannot thank you enough. Nokia should hire you in their support department - they certainly didn't do half the job you did. Kudos to you and my most grateful thanks.

    Guzzi sager said...

    Very informative post. Keep up the good work. I would really look forward to your other posts

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    Aleš Polívka said...

    Yes, perfect instructions, thank you. However, I found out that the certificate of "Mail for exchange" is until 13th July 2015, so it stopped working last month. Any ideas, please? Thanks a lot!

    Kapil Sharma said...

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    Jade Graham said...

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