Aug 3, 2011

Cell Phone Etiquette, How to Practice Proper

It is undisputed that the wonders of a cell / or Smartphone. But the lack of manners using the phones makes other angry. No one can deny that too. How many times have we caught glaring at a person who is crying on the phone on the bus or subway? Or that guy who always forgets to turn off the power at the movies and he plays well in the middle of the movie? But what really bothers you? Conversations our friends did a survey of readers to find out exactly what are the most annoying situations. Here are the unique results.
The number of responses was quite significant, which means that the cell phone etiquette is something that concerns everyone.
Let the list of the Top 4:

1) Sound on high in public places

The number of bad habits in a cell is listening to music, play games or watching movies in public with the sound on high for anyone to listen. This item had 21% of the most annoying things on the phone.

2) Yelling on the phone

The next item most cited are the people screaming on the phone, rather than just talk. Of course, if you are in noisy place, it is necessary to increase the tone of voice to be heard - or maybe talk outside? If you are not in a place like this, please keep the volume low. Otherwise, you irritate almost 21% of people on your side (and I hope I'm not one of them).

3) In the film or theater

Third, scoring just over 17% of the most annoying habits of the list are the people who use or forget to turn off the phone at the movies or the theater. People who paid to have a moment of peace and fun does not want to be disturbed by the ringing of the phone in the middle of the film or be distracted by this little light of the phone screen. The worst is that, right? If the warning at the beginning of the movie tells you to turn your phone off, so please respect.

4) Use the phone while talking to someone

Look, I confess that this aspect is what irritates me most. For almost 12% of people who participated in the poll as well. You're talking to someone and send messages to other people? This is definitely a lack of etiquette!
I deliver the gold and highlight the four items cited. There is an option that was dropped in the poll, as there are many items to be addressed. But you can check out other categories in the image below.

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