Jun 25, 2011

N9 Powered by MeeGo

Nokia has unveiled its latest smart phone. The N9 is a pure touch screen device and is powered by the exotic Meego. N9 Will come out in the market in few weeks, the N9 price will be announced at a later date, Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop said during a company event in Singapore.
A special feature of the future Nokia smartphone is that it completely avoids buttons. It does not even have a home button, something like the iPhone from Apple. Instead, the measured 3.9 inches, touch-sensitive screen fills the whole unit, and the user can return to the main selection, by giving a finger on the touch screen only.

N9 is equipped with a camera of eight megapixels and uses Near Field Communications (NFC) in order to communicate with peripheral devices. For example, a Bluetooth headset can be put into operation, in that case when i kept it close to the N9.
In terms of operating system of Nokia, it is the youngest child of the more exotic Meego. This is based on Linux and is developed by Nokia and Intel together. In February, Nokia has signed an agreement with Microsoft, in which they decide to come with new Windows Mobile 7 in market.
Although Elop confirmed that they would bring this year, a smartphone with a Microsoft operating system in the market. However, he announced in the same breath; “a whole range of devices continues to set the house on the Symbians OS”. This month will be following the latest Symbian smartphones with version called Anna delivered, i.e. Nokia N8s, E7s, C7S and C6-01s.

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