Sep 1, 2011

Hands-on with the Nokia Essence NFC Bluetooth Headset

Nokia brings the powerful Nokia Essence Bluetooth Headset, NFC supported  which incidentally are also compatible with NFC. These powerful earphones come to give us great comfort and give impressive sound quality and with the characteristic noise cancellation. Great sound in a small size is something we all want. I show the characteristics of Nokia Essence Bluetooth Headset Below:

Nokia Essence Bluetooth Headset Supported with NFC (Near Field Communications)

Physical features and interface of Nokia Essence Bluetooth Headset

  • 58.9 mm x 31.6 mm x 15.7 mm
  • 32 g
The key performance
  • Multifunction button to power on / off and answer / end
  • Volume Control
  • Music keys: play / pause, next and previous tracks
  • Bass and Treble Booster
  • Active Noise Cancellation on / off

Hardware of Nokia Essence Bluetooth Headset

Power Supply
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Lithium Polymer
Operating time (maximum)
  • Talk / Music: 8 hours
Standby time (maximum)
  • 240 hours
Charging time (maximum)
  • 45 min

Sound and Media of Nokia Essence Bluetooth Headset

Frequency Response
  • From 6 - 20 000 Hz
Sound information
  • Speaker Drivers: 10.3 mm neodymium microphone ANC
  • Speaker Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Active Noise Cancellation: up to 21 dB
  • The total noise reduction: Up to 30 dB
  • Audio Codecs: SBC, AAC live streaming, apt-X TM
  • EQ: Bass boost and treble

Connectivity of Nokia Essence Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth version
  • 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate (EDR)
Bluetooth Profiles
  • Hands Free Profile (HFP) 1.5
  • Headset Profile (HSP) 1.1
  • Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) 1.2
  • Audio / Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) 1.0
  • Supported audio codecs: High SBC bitpool, apt TM -X, AAC direct transmission
Sales package contents
  • Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset Essence
  • Neck strap
  • Headphones in 6 sizes for a perfect fit and audio
  • Carrying case
  • Nokia Charger
  • User Guide

The problem with noise of Nokia Essence Bluetooth Headset

Silence is essential for a great musical experience. However, when in motion, background noise can drown out specific frequencies and lead to a poor musical experience.The worst kind of noise is traffic noise, which is predominantly low-frequency hearing aid users noise.Traditional adjust this by simply increasing the volume to hear the bass again, so the total volume painfully high - even damage your hearing.

Under the introduction of the perfection of active noise cancellation

Cancellation of Nokia under the inward processing of noise significantly reduces low frequency noise and hearing in the resonances caused by the low and provides a deep bass, clear and undistorted in noisy places. Midrange and high-end noise is isolated by the use of supplemental medical grade silicone plugs create a comfortable seal, but completely in the ear canal. The combined result is up to 99.8% reduction in background noise and a perfectly balanced musical experience - no matter how loud your surroundings are.

Audio excellence

  • Four professionals selected and adapted musical response profiles:
  • Chamber music concerts as the default response
  • Bass Boost: Increases the lower frequencies to the last detail, Dynamic Bass
  • Treble Boost: This is what you hear when listening in the sweet spot a couple of highly directional electrostatic speakers.
  • Bass Treble Boost + Boost: A combination of transparent electrostatic speakers combined with very low frequency reproduction typical dynamic systems-multicabinet reference level subwoofer.
  • The Essence of Nokia is compatible with a wide range of codecs for high quality audio for music sounds great no matter what you use the core of Nokia - Nokia phone, laptop or a Bluetooth MP3 Player . Supports SBC, apt-X TM and AAC codecs live streaming.

All-day comfort

  • Take your way - connect the headset around your neck or clip to clothing.
  • Intuitive music and call controls, designed so you can use without looking.
  • Medical grade headphones in six different sizes and shapes for a smooth fit and flexible.

Wireless Freedom

  • Enjoy the freedom of mobile music and calls and keep your hands free while talking.
  • Universally compatible - works with most Bluetooth phones, laptops and MP3 players.
  • Just touch the headset with NFC-enabled phone for instant Bluetooth connection. Or, connect your phone to the traditional way.
We look forward to early October as they go on sale that month at a price of 130 Euros, and only available, you're sure to have their respective and we will review which is not to be missed.

Note: If you have any Query about this post. Then please don't hesitate to ask question. I will try to helps you as I can. Use comments section for your Queries.

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Alexandar said...

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