Sep 14, 2011

Stephen Elop interviewed in China ( talked about Nokia Windows Phone Q4 2011

Stephen Elop granted this interview in China. In the video (in English subtitled in Chinese), Big Boss talks about Nokia's strategy to launch the Windows Phone, which has its beginning in 2011 also will be released gradually and country to country agreements together with strong local carriers.

Mr. Elop said Motorola's acquisition by Google, a movement which should worry the other manufacturers that use Android, and now Windows Phone enters as an interesting option.
Another point that appears on the agenda is N9 which will be released only in some markets. And the secret to attracting developers is QT, which incidentally I would love to see this in Windows QT Phone. It would be a masterstroke!
Again he stresses that the choice of Windows Phone occurred because Nokia have the freedom to create a product that will differentiate them from other players, which certainly does not happen to Android. Nokia Phone with Windows 7 will have unique features that no other manufacturer has.
He also mentions that a selected group of users have participated in research, they used the Nokia Phone with Windows 7 live and were delighted with the result.

Source: [Sina]
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