Jul 9, 2011

Nokia X7-00, Futuristic Interface for Rustic

With its unique look, angular and futuristic, the Nokia X7-00 (X7 for short) is displayed as a multimedia Smartphone, along the same lines as the N8, but with a 4-inch screen and a photo sensor in primary 8 megapixel Camera. The X7-00 is based on the Symbians system.

The Nokia X7 is less classical than the Nokia N8, which stood out in the market. The phone weighs just 146 gm with angular ends. Its finish is flawless and we appreciate the SIM card slots and memory card (micro SD), accessible on the edge of the device.
The HDMI output is gone. It is too bad for multimedia users that Nokia X7 phone lacks a front webcam for video conferencing. However, the good point is that the hands-free kit comes with three different sizes of ear tips.
The grip of the terminal is very nice because of its rounded shape. The comfortable 4-inch screen AMOLED displays a good contrast with deep brightness. In practice, he is fairly accurate overall.
The lock screen, cannot offering much information on the screen (as the new interface from HTC Sense). But we can still see the missed calls, received SMS messages and time without having to unlock the screen.
The virtual keyboard in portrait mode is not comfortable and accurate use. Therefore in Nokia X7 the virtual keyboard is introduced in landscape mode, which limits the typing errors.

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