Jul 15, 2011

Get a Glimpse of how the Application will be the official Foursquare MeeGo Nokia N9

You cannot look up, but Nokia and Foursquare staff has worked very close in the development of new applications, as well as improving current solutions. The first fruit of this partnership was the official application for Symbian Foursquare 3rd, 5th and ^ 3, which incidentally is still using the old API and if it does not receive an update to the 1st of August will not run. If this happens, there are other options such as 4squick(the best in my opinion), as well as Nelisquare or even Gravity.

As a result, both companies joined forces to bring the Foursquare for the simplest devices that use the S40. With this, Nokia C3 and another range of devices now have access to network geo location.
Given all this, it is evident that the super Nokia N9 would not be released without a very cool application of the Foursquare. In the video below, one of the founders of social network that already has more than 10 million users around the world, talks about the partnership and shows a little of this application that is to come.

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