Jul 5, 2011

A Closer Look at Nokia Oro

I believe when you developed a premium product it is not about the matter about shouting but it is a matter about whispering and when you whispered to someone is just the matter of details.
Oro Means:
First of all the meaning of Oro in Italian is gold. Probably it is gold plated (18-carat gold). You can easily see the gold in front around the mobile display. When you turned the Nokia Oro then you see that camera is also beautifully crafted with Gold. You can see the result of camera that it shows 3-dimensional effect.
Sapphire Crystal:
You have the Sapphire Crystal in Nokia Oro. It is very important because it is very durable. So when you buy a premium product first you want is that it should be long lasting. So you can use it for long time. When you put this Nokia Oro under the sunlight it gives you a splendid look under this Sapphire Crystal look.
Leather Craft:
I really love its leather which is used in the making of Nokia Oro. This is hand draft leather. The leather looks of Nokia Oro really helping you to feeling the product alive, changing and aging with you.
Colors of Nokia Oro:
It is available in two colors

  • One is Black with Gold
  • Second is White with Gold.

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