Jul 14, 2011

Dual Boot on Nokia N900 (Maemo + Android)

Now you can create Dual boot on your Nokia N900. The term dual-booting refers to the common configuration of exactly two operating systems. You can install MeeGo and Android both on Your Nokia N900. My friend had already installed this on his Nokia N900. But he has some problem with its Mobile cell. I think he has some problem in his installation. But on Google I explore that many users found this very helpful. I hope you also found this very interesting and experiencing. But remember, if you want to make Dual boot on your Nokia N900 then do it on your own risk.

Who wants to go and do this installation, should follow the steps in
But remember to do a backup before, because you risk losing some (or even all) the files on your N900.

Note: If you have any Query about this post. Then please don't hesitate to ask question. I will try to helps you as I can. Use comments section for your Queries.
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Sugotech said...

It is best that you always keep the back up time to time and if you want to make any change there will be no chance of loose of data. Dual Boot can not create any problem in N900. I m using and enjoying it fully.

Anonymous said...

if any problem occurs in installing both os.
can we reinstall meego(single os) again??

Patricia Hall said...

Good sharing! I have got much clear idea regarding from this useful information.
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Samantha King said...

Thanks!! The information that you have provide is really helpful. I always find it very interesting to read your posts.
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