Jul 2, 2011

Nokia N8 Hated, Loved or Ignored?

No other Smartphone currently divides people so much as the Nokia N8. Some people love it, others hate it. But what makes this phone so controversial and is this really the solution for Nokia's problems? For these answers let’s take a look.
N8 is a superb set, however lots of things are wrong, but at the same time lots of things are right. Let’s discuss in details. But let's start first with the obvious question.

Why N8?
If you focus precisely on the past few years, then you can notice that Nokia continues to lose market share. This trend continues with Nokia due to the iPhones or other set like Android based smart phones. Then there's the Palm with pre Web OS and recently also Windows Phone 7.

Nokia is facing this competition. It is understandable that Nokia draws the short straw. That is obviously the fact that Nokia cannot build a reasonable phone. It is because; only Nokia has slept after the entrance into the Smartphone’s market. The N97 and other attempts to re-enter in the market are unfortunately failed miserably. The Finns are still the market leader and sell more mobile phones than any other manufacturer. Nokia wants to strengthen its leading position in the smartphone market again after the last year he has lost almost 10 percent market share. Nokia boost himself again only with a reasonable device. That hope is Nokia N8. Nokia puts his entire hopes on it. But what was changing exactly?

Nokia N8 Practice Test:
In September or October Last year Nokia N8 was ready to introduce. The Nokia N8 was about 475 USD without tax in market. First experience of the new Nokia N8 phone was quite positive. Crowned with a metal shell N8 is looking very good in the hand. This prototype device made very well. The phone with the help of built-in graphics accelerator worked in practice, very fast. In contrast to previous touch screen phones from Nokia, some applications are open with Symbians 3 after just one touch of the touch screen. Nokia users must not use such kind of interfaces or icons before. N8 retained well-known, typical Symbians design. What is new is a revised multi-tasking function, which is accessed by pressing the Menu button. According to Nokia, up to 20 applications to run simultaneously and are managed by Task Manager. Active applications will continue in the background. This goes so far, for example, that an active video continues to run in the background. Anyone can simply close the active programs via X-symbol to be displayed in the Task Manager. The operation of the display with multiple fingers is also a new feature. For example, the zooming of photos with multiple fingers works pretty fast and fluid.

Great Entertainer:
N8 is a great entertainer also. The video via HDMI function works impressively. Nokia puts an HDMI adapter to connect my phone to conventional HDMI cable with the package. Sun clips can also be viewed on home TV without problems. Also, menus and applications can thus view through the computer screen. The N8 comes with a 12-megapixel camera and Xenon flash. You can hold the camera and HD video (720p), with your moves. The 3.5-inch display has 640 x 360 pixels and delivers sharp images. Despite AMOLED technology, it looks like the display of the iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy 4 in practice.
Both the viewing angle resolution and brilliance from Apple and Samsung are much better. By default the N8 comes with 16 GB of internal memory that can top up via microSD card for an additional 32 GB.

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