Jul 14, 2011

Nokia N900 Supports Maemo, MeeGoo or Android?

Nokia N900 is first introduced in May 2010. It was the last Communication device running with Maemo 5 operating system. Now Maemo is replaced with MeeGo and Nokia continue to update this MeeGo when needed. But remember that MeeGo is not officially supported by Nokia. A little introduction of MeeGo is given below.

MeeGo is a Linux-based open source mobile operating system project. MeeGo was first introduced by Nokia and Intel together in a joint press conference at Mobile world congress in February 2010. Now MeeGo is growing very fast. It is designed to act as an operating system for hardware platforms i.e. tablet computers, mobile computing and communications devices, in-vehicle infotainment devices, notebooks etc.
Now a download of MeeGo OS is available for Nokia N900, MeeGo 1.2 Developer Edition is developed for Nokia N900. But as I mentioned before that it is not officially supported by Nokia. Nokia said MeeGo is going to succeed Meamo in new devices, because it provides good interface to the developers. Now MeeGo is going more popular in Nokia N900. So, due to this popularity some new users are confused and some questions are raised in their mind.
  • Is Nokia N900 based on MeeGo or Meamo operating system?
  • Some users are also confused whether it is MeeGo based or Android based mobile phone?
  • And which is better for their mobiles Phone?
Second question is asked from me on Facebook, that whether it really supports Android or MeeGo? There is some unofficial Port of Android is available for Nokia N900. And I Show you a video where you found that Nokia N900 also supports Android. But I think that MeeGo works well for Nokia N900. But it is up to you to use MeeGo or Android for your Nokia N900.

Note: If you have any Query about this post. Then please don't hesitate to ask question. I will try to helps you as I can. Use comments section for your Queries.
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