Oct 26, 2011

Nokia Pulse, Social Network of Finnic manufacturer focused on Geolocation

Remember! a information leaked that Nokia had a social network design initially called Ovi Circles? Today finally know that this service was launched in Beta stage under the name Nokia Pulse. See the introduction to the service.

Nokia Pulse The idea is to keep you in touch with your friends instantly and privately. Here are some characteristics of the service:

Group Conversations in Nokia Pulse:

  • Send private messages or open to individuals or groups
  • Post photos with location

Live Places in Nokia Pulse:

  • One tap and your friends know where you are. Two taps and traces the application distance from one point to another
  • Find places in your area
  • Send information about a place for friends

Your People in Nokia Pulse:

  • Receive instant notifications about updates;
  • Anyone with an email address can participate;
  • Send a message via Nokia Pulse is as easy as sending an SMS;
  • Nokia Pulse can be accessed from anywhere (PC, mobile site, Symbian and Windows Phone)

Nokia Pulse can be installed as a standalone application or in conjunction with Nokia Maps Suite. In the latter case, there is a recommendation that the device must have firmware Symbian Anna (or Belle).
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