Oct 4, 2011

Facelock - Unlock your Phone / Mobile using facial recognition

The facelock is an application made by the national team INdT and winner of a competition held at Nokia World last year.
Finally took a while, but finally the beta version of the application was made ​​available on Nokia Store.
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The goal is to use the facelock facial recognition through the front camera to unlock the phone. You record an image of his face and the time to unlock the device, the application displays a picture of a ghost, so you put your face over that image.
As it is still a beta, the application can not identify his face if there is a wide variation of light in the environment where you caught your device and you find yourself in time to unlock it.
By the same token, is that you can also set a password so that you can unlock the cell where the facelock can not identify you.
Importantly, the facelock not become the official application crash your machine. Therefore, you need not worry if you use the Nokia Bubbles or any other means of locking the phone.
The facelock only kicks in when the times that you lock the phone using the application itself.
The video below made with a previous version of the application, shows how it works:

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