Nov 26, 2011

Calendar Feed - Put your appointments on screen feeds N9

The Calendar feed came today and is a very useful application. After all, he makes his calendar appointments are displayed on the screen feeds N9, having a similar role to the calendar widget on the Symbian platform.

After the download the Nokia Store , Calendar automatically feed is working and its commitments are already appearing on the screen feeds.
There is no application icon in the menu MeeGo. Its configuration is done within the application settings in the operating system.
Due to restrictions of MeeGo, the button will not update the feeds manually update events, which are already automatically updated every 20 minutes.
If by chance you have not updated your N9 to the PR 1.1 firmware will need to restart the device.
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Denis Kormalev said...

Hi, I'm the author. There is already updated version of this app in OVI Store. And also another one is coming (pushed to QA, should be published at Monday-Tuesday, I think)

Arslan said...

You are Right Denis but I post this because I used this app)

Pavel said...

Calendar Feed does not stay at top anymore ... possibly as a result of installing MeeBirthdays.

shashank jain said...

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